Saturday, April 7, 2012

<< druzy >>

Lately I'm loving druzy. I can't get enough of these cosmic looking stones! Druzy is formed when minerals crystalize on top of existing stones (think the inside of a geode). This creates a dreamy rock-candy texture that I'm totally digging. Okay enough with the geology lesson, check out these beautiful druzy pieces that I rounded up:

The above beauties are all from Planet Blue. Wish more of their rings came in sterling to match some of my other pieces though.

This cotton candy creation is from LillianGenebra on Etsy.

Double stone ring from PetraCollection also on Etsy.

This one takes the cake! On Etsy by BeadyCats. Can't get over the colors.

I find crystals and stones to be super fascinating. Not in a creepy Spencer Pratt kind of way, but seriously mother earth does one hell of a job sometimes. What are your favorite stones?



  1. Beautiful! I like the first picture :)

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  2. your blog is very cute!<3
    nice rings!(:

  3. wow! nice rings!